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Average southern american into sports, good times & living life to the fullest. Located in Orlando.

Xtube rules that should be applied on how to make good videos:

1. No close up penetration shots (we don't know what the blurry image is we're looking at)

2.Always show a good wide angle so the audience can see both performers.

3. Turn that damn music off!

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Top Comment #1 by: caseyjameson
1 year ago

thanks for adding my video to your favorites!  I love my fans!  Thanks for subscribing!


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4 days ago

thanks for add man!

1 week ago

if you feel you need to call someone "retarted", you probably should learn to spell retarded, otherwise you come off sounding like a 'retart'.  
It's tempting to dismiss you as just an asshole, but assholes have a function.

1 month ago

Thanks for the friend invite!

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