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Average southern american into sports, good times & living life to the fullest.

Xtube rules that should be applied on how to make good videos:

1. No close up penetration shots (we don't know what the blurry image is we're looking at)

2.Always show a good wide angle so the audience can see both performers.

3. Turn that damn music off!

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Top Comment #1 by: caseyjameson
2 years ago

thanks for adding my video to your favorites!  I love my fans!  Thanks for subscribing!


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9 months ago

Awesome xtube rules, ans spot-on.  No one here filming understands filming techniques, establishing shots, etc.  They think close is better, idiots.  And the gay fucking music makes me shake my head at their incompetence AND their poor taste in music.

10 months ago

thanks for add man!

11 months ago

Thanks for the friend invite!

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