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*** All profits go to a good cause, getting me through graduate school so I can help in cancer research! Please feel free to tip me at paypal: polybstud@aol or buy my stuff or message me for "special commissions" it really helps me be able to keep this going as a "side job." Plus I am a big fan of gifts (see my amazon wishlist: search "M. Wyld") and tribute anyways, so it's a great way to get on my good side ;3 ***
Plus, if you send tips via paypal (polybstud@aol) or buy something TIPPERS MAY RECEIVE SPECIAL GIFTS ;3
Please rate my stuff if you like it, I have a bit of pride and love knowing guys out there are drooling over the prospect of sucking my big cock, licking my abs or eating out my nice hole ^^

***Hey there, I hope you like what you see ;3 I am an athletic college stud, here to have some fun :3 I love older and bigger guys, especially when jockstraps, hard dick and me filling someone's hole with my seed is involved lol. I love to be dominant and wrestle around with someone till I pin them then breed them ;3

***Biotech dorks say hi! Sexy bears take off your shirts! Older men bend over ;3

***If you wanna see my hiney, message me, xtube doesn't pay me enough to show it and I wont just give it to everyone :3

***Things I want and will model: Good pair of headphones,an aneros (look it up), jockstraps, laptop, tablet, new fursuit, puppy play stuff,bad dragon lube, a cerberus (look it up, glow in the dark or red plz ^^), a fleshlight, cigars, tangiers shisha cane mint, riding crops, video games (gift cards, will play video games naked!).


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BuffLionStud has uploaded a new video.

I am BACK!

Sorry for the disappearance, I was pulling 13 hour night shifts at my last job for the past 6 months. I now moved, am a full time grad student and ... More >

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BuffLionStud has uploaded a new video.

Got horny from posting that last vid

So I watched some bear porn and posted another, sorry about the mess, this is my first day off from a 4 day shift XD got a ******balm patch on my s... More >

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BuffLionStud has uploaded a new video.

Vid for fan

A fan inspired me to make this vid, enjoy ;3 PS: I have been working a new 13 hour graveyard shift the last two months and thats why Ive been so... More >

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BuffLionStud has uploaded a new video.

Project Red Pre-Release

This is the first in a new line of "Projects" I will be posting each Project up for auction at a predetermined date. This winner, payment... More >

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BuffLionStud has uploaded new pictures.

New Cell phone Pics cum and jizz

Me cuming on part of Project Light Blue, I took the pics with my new cell phone replacement, I still need a video camera though! More >
BuffLionStud has posted a new article.

(UPDATE!) Why I havent posted anything recently >.<!!!

A few days ago my phone fried and now I dont have a phone and I dont have an SD card reader either so I cant even get that stuff off it. Any tips t... More >
BuffLionStud has uploaded a new video.

Part A: Lounging jerkoff to large cum shot on my chest

Hehe had paw on the bed, this is me kinda just out of bed so my hair looks like shit and stuff >.< hehe sry, but enjoy ^^ SOMEONE BUY ME A C... More >

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great hidden camera type view: filling a condom in warm piss

I wasnt half hard but really had to go while wearing my jockstrap! More >

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Price of this video: $1.34 (Price for 24 hours of streaming)

BuffLionStud has uploaded a new video.

Plumber bear pulls down my pants to suck me off in his truc

A hot older bear who does construction work messaged me over growler, we met up once before in his truck and this time after a close call we locate... More >

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BuffLionStud has posted a new article.

You can help me make movies!

Please, with a new camera (see my wishlist: M. Wyld), a fleshlight, cigars, harnesses, jockstraps, funding (paypal: polybstud @ aol)&nbsp;for l... More >
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