About Me

Ecstasy is necessary. Come journey with me, into sacred sexuality...

My services include:
~ Meditation & Healing (one-to-one)
~ Workshops & Rituals (groups)
~ Skype Coaching, Videos & Resources (online)

Fun, love & pleasure is always at the heart of what I do :o)

Contact me via my website:


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Ecosex Sanctuary Fundraising Album

Funds go toward an ecosex sanctuary :)

"Imagine a place where human beings and the planet's ecology can unite in harmony, as nature intended...

A time for us to go back to the Garden of Eden, when we can realise our potential to care for each other and the Earth, liberating ourselves from corruption & selfish desires...

A space that is community-focused and where ecology is respected with the sacred esteem that it deserves..."

My goal is to purchase land and build a low-impact, permaculture sanctuary for human beings and wildlife. A resource for health, personal development and activism serving the local community, the sanctuary will also act as a port of call for people from further afield to access courses in healing, ecological education, sacred sexuality, creativity and more. More >
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Self Healing

Kestrel Tantra 2015. All rights reserved. Erotic Embodiment - Preview "Self Healing" I am using the best cameras and equipment to... More >

Length: 26:51 | Viewed: 9235 | Comments: 15


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Bed time is cuddle time. More >
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On Love

I believe that deep in everyone’s heart, and in the essence of each intention, is love - and the desire to promote the wellbeing of humanity.   ... More >
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Tantric Massage → SEXUAL FREEDOM

The experience starts with a simple, calming meditation. We will then take a few conscious breaths. I will teach you to use yogic breathing to circ... More >
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Try My EcoSex Love Magic Exercise

On a deep atomic level we're all energy. It's proven this energy can be directed with thought, intention and imagination. You could say that I'm a ... More >
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Be part of my Ecosexual Video Project in London 2014!

Hello, I am a young, male, predominately gay artist making work about being an ecosexual. Being an ecosexual means honouring the Earth, and making ... More >
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I dedicate this album to my greatest lover, the Earth. Copyright 2013 images may not be downloaded or reproduced without express permission of the author. Email: kes.tantra@gmail.com More >
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My Sexual Habits, Fetishes and Desires

I was recently asked to describe my sexual habits, fetishes and desires. So I decided to write about it, to make sure I cover all the important bit... More >
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Insights into Sex

1. Sexual energy is the primal and creative energy of the universe. All things that are alive come from sexual energy. In ********and other life fo... More >

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Top Comment #1 by: Animalish
3 years ago

I don't think I've ever seen a guy as admirable as you are on this site...

It's not just your fantastic body, the way you show and please yourself in your videos and photos is nothing short of awesome, too...

Would be an honor to have you in my friend list...

Top Comment #2 by: ezeddie
3 years ago

Thank you for being my friend :)


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4 days ago

This is what is live.. Love in in all and the most forgot it.
Nature is pure love, only nature can heal us :)
Love, Sex and peace ^_^

2 months ago

heyy there sexy
 love ur vids's dude  ;) 

so wat's goin on ? 

3 months ago


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