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In this sequence of photos you'll see all the story of me and of my 80 centimeters (32 inches) long thighs from the beginning till to arrive to these days in which my friend willing participant has offered himself volunteer and has renounced to everything in his life and has decided to live forever with his head completely closed and totally locked into my enormous thighs crushed for 12 hours a day each day with all my big and long dick blocked into his esophagus ejaculating into his esophagus at least 6 times in 12 hours in that position each day every day. All these photos have been taken from my videos...
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3 years ago

These photos have been taken all in sequence: my friend is finishing forever into my enormous thighs: my monster cock has become enormous and extremely hard and has almost completely penetrated into his esophagus: my friend has a micro camera mounted on his head: this is exactly what has seen my friend while he was finishing forever into my enormous thighs............ he's finishing penetrated by my monster cock into his esophagus............... I've activated my big and powerful adductors and i've almost completely penetrated my monster cock into his esophagus: he's feeling on his head my enormous 80 cm (32 inches) long thighs moving while trapping his head and is feeling my monster cock almost completely penetrated into his esophagus.............. This is the last image that he has seen: my pubic hairs............. He's hearing me beginning to shout for the enjoyment: my enormous thighs and my monster cock have started to move themselves all together without my control: he's finishing completely closed, locked and trapped into my enormous thighs and completely penetrated into his esophagus by my monster cock............... I'm shouting for the enjoyment......................

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